Henry Hayes

Henry Hayes
Henry hayes.png
Played By: William Devane
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

Newly appointed President of the United States of America, Henry Hayes was briefed about the Stargate project by the Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs, General Francis Maynard. Given the mission reports of all the SG teams, he found the notion of travelling to other planets through a device to be ridiculous, however he was soon convinced otherwise.

Although he was an old acquaintance to George Hammond, Hayes was forced to hear his Vice President's wishes to change the running of the Stargate Programme. In a briefing of the SGC program, Kinsey with the aid of the NID agent Woolsey tried to have George Hammond and SG1 removed from the program, however General Maynard argued for them. Unfortunately, Hayes was put under pressure, and he agreed to remove Hammond from the SGC as well as revamping the program.

Putting a civilian in charge of the program, he made sure that Kinsey could not control the program. Convincing Elizabeth Weir that she was the right person for the job, Henry Hayes appointed her the new leader of the base. Within days of her taking command, Hayes demanded Kinsey to resign, telling him that he had enough information on him, to have Kinsey shot. Unknown to Kinsey was that Hayes had been given the proof of his illegal activities with the NID by Woolsey.

With Anubis on his way to Earth, Hayes stood firm and calm as the leader of the country, even in the face of Anubis's holographic form. Knowing that a huge war would be fought soon, Hayes assigned George Hammond to command the Prometheus, Earth's last line of defence against Anubis.

With the destruction of Anubis's fleet, Hayes promoted Jack to General, giving him the command of the SGC.

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