Heliopolis (PB2-908)
Planet Information
Taurus.jpgSerpens c.jpgCapricorn.jpgMonoceros.jpgAquila.jpgOrion.jpg
Planet Address
Galaxy: Milky Way
Race(s): Ancients

[edit] History

Heliopolis, is the first Stargate that was dialled, after the Stargate was discovered in Giza. Ernest Littlefield went through the gate, but shortly afterwards, the gate shut-down and he was lost. After 50 years, Daniel Jackson saw a video of him going through the Stargate. They decided to go and see if he was alive. Once on the other side, they discovered the planet is Heliopolis, where at one time, four races met to exchange knowledge and culture. The Stargate itself was in a castle, however after thousands of years, the castle was brought to the edge of the cliff, and just after SG-1, along with Ernest Littlefield, escaped, fell to the bottom of the ocean, making the planet inaccessible.

[edit] Key Episodes

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