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Race: Goa'uld
Planets: Hathor's planet

Queen of Ra, and mother of Heru'ur, Hathor is the Egyptian goddess for fertility, inebrity and music.

She was imprisoned in a sarcophagus in South America for thousands of years, and was released by a couple of archaeologists who were searching a Mayan temple, and accidentally found the sarcophagus.

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After her release, she killed the archaeologists and made her way to Cheyenne Mountain, where the Naquadah in the Stargate pulled her. Once their she infected the men with an airborne organism that makes any man "drunk in her presence". In this state, they are highly susceptible to her suggestions.

Her attempt to take over the SGC was thawted only by the female members of SGC and Teal'c who were all immune. However, she managed to escape, with great detail about the SGC.

She then started to build an army made from horus and serpent guards, and other Goa'uld and had begun to build an army.

Two years after she was freed, SG1 stumbled onto a planet under her control, where she captured Jack, Daniel and Samantha.

She led them to believe that they were in the future, and they were in the SGC where they had been defrosted after some 80 years. Using a memory recall device she tried to access the teams memories, however Jack realised the truth and was able to awake and find Daniel and Sam.

They found a Tok'ra who helps them escape, but the Tok'ra died in the process. Whilst trying to stop them, Hathor was killed by Jack O'Neill by being pushed into a cryogenic freezing unit.

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