Harrid Cicera

Harrid Cicera
Played By: Stephen Park
Race: Ver Egen Inhabitants
Planets: Ver Egen

An inhabitant of Ver Egen where Harrid along with his wife Sallis were forced to follow Origin. Along with many others on their planet Harrid remained a heretic and disbeliever, hiding devices and material which were considered to contradict Origin. One of the devices eventually led to Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran entering the bodies of Harrid and Sallis.

In the body of Harrid, Daniel managed to stay concealed, however Vala was unfortunate and was quickly found. Taken to the Ara to burn, Harrid was forced to watch Sallis burn in the Ara. However a Prior came, giving her life and taking him and Sallis to Celestis.

Upon coming back from Celestis, Daniel found the communication which allowed Harrid to take control of Daniel's body in the SGC where he warned them about the Priors. The connection didn't last long as a Prior came and destroyed the device, taking Daniel and Vala to the Ara to be burned in front of the villagers.

Mitchell managed to break the link between Daniel and Harrid returning him to his own body, only to be burned at the Ara.

[edit] Key Episodes

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