Played By: David McNally, Devon Finn
Race: Byrsa
Planets: Chartago (P3X-1279)

When Hanno was a young boy, he saw the death of his father by the hands of Apophis's first Prime, Teal'c. He lived for revenge, and when SG1 stepped on Chartago he was quick to recognise Teal'c and demand that he be put through the Cor-ai, a trial which will allow him to decide on Teal'cs fate.

The trail did little to persuade Hanno that Teal'c was a changed man, when Apophis's troops came to the planet to capture possible hosts, he was surprised to see Teal'c fight against his former allies, and this made him believe that Teal'c was indeed a changed man.

Hanno gave Teal'c back his life and made new allies with the Tauri.

[edit] Key Episodes

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