Played By: Doug Abrahams
Race: Kelownans
Planets: Langara

Commander of the Kelownan military, Hale was the advisor to the Kelowna's first Minister Velis. He was sent by Velis to Earth in the hopes that the Tau'ri could provide them with advanced weapons that they can use on their neighbouring nations to 'protect' themselves. Hale continued to believe that Jonas Quinn was a traitor to his people.

When Anubis came to Kelowna after probing the mind of Jonas Quinn, Hale was given greater authority following the death of the First Ministor Velis by the hands of Anubis's Jaffa. Wanting to defend Kelowna against it's enemies, namely the two neighbouring nations, Hale made a deal with Anubis to hand over the entire stockpile of Naqudriah and a data crystal containing information on previous experiments of Naqudirah on the planet many centuries ago.

Handing the crystal to Anubis, he was shortly killed by Herak, the First prime of Anubis.

[edit] Key Episodes

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