Played By: David Kopp
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A young cadet part of the Stargate Program, Grogan along with Elliot, Hailey and Satterfield took part in many training simulations. Unfortunately for Grogan, he had a tendency to get into the way of enemy fire. Despite this tendency, Grogan and the rest of the team, under the command of Elliot, managed to retake the SGC from what they believed to be a foothold situation. However he soon learnt that it was in-fact a test designed to see how well they had done.

Put on stand by, Grogan was soon offered a position on SG9. Travelling to Latona, he and his team spent ample time on the planet prior to the arrival of the Goa'uld Svarog. Trying to protect the planet, the rest of Grogan's team were killed, however Grogan himself managed to conceal himself under foliage where he fell unconscious.

Waking up the next day to find SG1, he was asked to help the team reach the city and meet with Marul in order to help them. Taking them to see Marul via a back door into the city, Grogan vouched for Jack O'Niell, telling Marul that he could be trusted. Later on he along with Jack O'Neill was captured and used as bait for the rest of SG1 to lower a shield protecting them.

Fortunately even though Grogan was badly beaten, he was saved by Grieves who gave his life to save him and the planets from the Goa'uld.

[edit] Key Episodes

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