Played By: William MacDonald
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Atlantis

A member of the Atlantis expedition, Griffin came to Atlantis on the Daedalus as one of the trained pilots. During a test-flight of a damaged Puddle Jumper, Griffin along with Rodney McKay successfully managed to fly it to Atlantis's mainlands.

On the way back to Atlantis, Griffin proceeded to annoy McKay by asking how he felt that his scientific theories would sooner or later be proved untrue. During the argument between the two, the Puddle Jumper started to lose control and ended up spiralling into the ocean.

Falling unconscious, the two woke up after almost an hour, during which time they had descended many hundreds of meters into the ocean. When a crack began to form on the forward window, McKay and Griffin moved to the rear of the jumper. However when the door release at the rear was broken, and they couldn't close the rear compartment, Griffin quickly moved to the front and closed it from the front, closing his only chance to live. He was quickly killed as the pressure of the sea broke the forward window, plunging him into the ocean.

[edit] Key Episodes

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