Played By: Stephen Dimopoulos
Race: Zaddik's Race
Planets: Zaddiks Homeworld

Father to Zaddik, Goran was among those that went to the crash site of a Wraith ship. Seeing the Wraith, Goran and the other villages decided not to take any chances and preceded to kill and burn the Wraith. However unknown to Goran, his son found a child Wraith who he could not kill, and instead hid her from the others.

Soon a Wraith who had survived the massacre started taking lives of the villagers. During this time Zaddik went missing, making the villagers and Goran believe that he had been taken by the Diamos (the name given to the Wraith by the villagers).

Becoming wary of outsiders, when Sheppard's team visited his planet, he was quick to tell them to move on, however upon learning that they could kill the Wraith he became more welcoming. Soon Goran came face to face with his son who had aged several years in order to save the life of a child Wraith Ellia whom he had been caring for. Unfortunately the reunion didn't last long as Zaddik was soon killed by Ellia who had been affected by drugs created by Carson Beckett in the hopes to turn a Wraith into a Human, however with it being untested, it had the opposite effect turning Ellia more into a Wraith.

[edit] Key Episodes

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