Goa'uld Escape Ship

Goa'uld Escape Ship
Goauld escape ship.jpg
Ship Information
Race(s): Goa'uld

This is a ship built by the clone Goa'uld who lived in the small town of Steveston. The Symbiotes slowly took over the whole town, however, being immature, they could not control them fully, and were only able to control the towns people when they slept during the night.

The ship was designed to be their way off the planet, where they could start conquering planets, however SG1 were brought in. As well as SG1, the NID were also there. The aim of the NID was to let the Goa'ulds complete the ship, and once it was completed they would take control of it, giving them a huge advantage.

Details as to what happened after SG1 stopped the Goa'ulds and the production of the ship are unknown, although its theorised that it was taken into Area 51 to be studied.

[edit] Key Episodes

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