Played By: Louis Gossett Jr.
Race: Prior
Planets: Dakara

Formally in the service of the Goa'uld Montu as his First Prime, Gerak is a powerful Jaffa with great influence among his fellow Jaffa brothers. Gerak had proposed that the leader be chosen by military strength as opposed to a democratic vote, making him the new leader of the Jaffa high council. Believing Gerak was nothing but power hungry Teal'c, Bra'tac and Rak'nor led a faction who opposed Gerak, trying to push him and the Jaffa council into democracy.

With relations with the Jaffa and the Tau'ri becoming fragile, when the Tau'ri warned Gerak of a possible beach head, Gerak immediately sent a fleet to the planet in an attempt to destroy it, however his ships along with the Tau'ri's nuclear device made the situation worse. Fortunately Vala Mal Doran, managed to resolve the situation and stopped the Ori from creating a working Supergate in the Milky Way.

When Gerak found intelligence that Ba'al was hiding on Earth, despite their alliance with Earth, Gerak ordered a fleet of Jaffa to Earth in an attempt to capture Ba'al. Despite fire-fights between Ba'al's men and his Jaffa, Gerak found it hard to capture him, however eventually they caught Ba'al. To show that the council will prosper under his leadership he killed Ba'al, not knowing that he had in fact killed a clone and the real Ba'al was still hiding on Earth.

Believing ascension to be the next step in evolution, and knowing that he would soon no longer be able to carry a symbiote, Gerak gave into the Priors and accepted to meet with them and learn about Origin. He soon realised that this was his only chance of ascension, and with that he took it upon himself to try and convince the High Council to adopt Origin forcing all Jaffa to accept it.

However, when Teal'c and Bra'tac brought some doubt into his mind, the Prior decided to take him to Celestis to meet with the Ori themselves. Once there, his doubts went away, and they granted him powers, turning Gerak into a Prior. Back at Dakara Gerak tried strongly to turn the high councils vote, however Teal'c and Bra'tac remained adamant that the Ori were lying to them and the Priors.

Forced into a showdown, Gerak took an army to Chulak in an attempt to destroy those who rejected Origin, however once there Teal'c requested that they meet. Taking Gerak to the grave of his father, Teal'c managed to show Gerak the light and the truth about the Priors and what serving the Ori actually meant.

Wanting to help the Tau'ri, Gerak accompanied Teal'c to Earth where he used his powers as a Prior, to heal those infected with the Prior plague, knowing that this act would kill him, which it did.

[edit] Key Episodes

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