Race Information
Planet(s): Genii Planet

The Genii are a distrustful race that hide their advancements from the Wraith by keeping their weapons and technology hidden, deep underground, where the Wraith could not sense them, and they could develop weapons against them. The Genii keep a few people on the surface who pose as farmers, which feed those underground. The Genii weren't too happy when the Atlantis crew discovered the base, and even more when they discovered that the Atlantis crew had waken the Wraith up. However, an Alliance was formed between the Genii and the Atlantis expedition. However, the Alliance was short lived, and the Genii used Sheppard and his team to get a memory module from a Wraith ship, during which one of the Genii was killed by the Wraith. Once they got back to the planet with the memory module, they turned on their new allies, and tried to take the puddle jumper along with the C4 that they carried. Using Sheppards suspecting nature, he was able to free the team with the help of two cloaked Puddle Jumpers, however, the Genii were not pleased, and were left with nothing. The Genii left the Atlantis crew alone, biding their time to get revenge on the crew, and destroy the Wraith. They finally got the chance when an approaching storm forced the inhabitants of Atlantis to evacuate the city, during which the Genii managed to get into the city and take it over. Once again Sheppard managed to foil their plans killing more than 60 of the Genii soldiers, and taking one of the Genii captive, and freeing Atlantis to face a dreadful storm. The Genii didn't go against the Atlantis team, until they reached a planet where they learnt a fully powered ZPM is located on. Whilst searching for the ZPM, the Atlantis crew were once again taken captive by the Genii, and were forced to find the ZPM for them. However, Sheppards team out smarted them and managed to save themselves and get a ZPM, which was then taken by the inhabitants of the planet, who only wanted to give it to an Ancient. When the Wraith made their way to Atlantis, Weir was forced to meet the Genii to trade for a bomb with which they could defeat the Wraith. The Genii who saw that this was a good way for them to test their weapon agreed, and gave the Atlantis crew a bomb with which they managed to destroy a Wraith Hive Ship.

[edit] Key Episodes

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