Played By: Tim Webber
Race: Rands
Planets: Tegalus

Commander of the Rand people, Gareth along with his chief aide Jarrod Kane welcomed SG1 when they came through the Stargate to their planet. Unfortunately for Gareth, the arrival of SG1 caused some Avidan extremists to use the arrival of SG1 through the Stargate as a proof for their beliefs.

Problems became bigger when the Avidans took over key cities of the Rand Protectorate. Gareth who had previously promised to allow the Caledonian federation access to the Stargate was no longer able to do so, and in fear of what the Avidans would do, the Caledonians went on a state of high alert.

Losing missile bases to the Avidans caused further relations between the Rands and Caledonians to stretch, and even though Gareth pleaded with the Caledonian minister Treydan to not let it turn into a full-scale war, Treydan insisted he would only fire at the missile sites.

Soon the bunker in which Gareth and his men were in, was attacked by Soren, the leader of the Avidans, causing the three races to go into a full-scale war. During the capture of the bunker, Soren managed to capture Gareth and was quick to execute him to set an example.

[edit] Key Episodes

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