Garan (I)
Garan i.jpg
Played By: Shane Meier
Race: Edorans
Planets: Edora

[edit] Garan (I)

Son of Laira, Garan realising that the fire rain is very close to the ground, with his girlfriend Naytha went into the cave of their ancestors believing that it's where the ancestors hid during a previous fire rain. Worried, Laira and Jack O'Neill came looking for them, and ended up having to wait for the storm to be over. When the storm was over they discovered that the gate had become buried, leaving Jack stranded on the planet, and making Garan feel responsible.

[edit] Key Episodes

[edit] Garan (II)

Garan (II)
Garan ii.jpg
Played By: Nancy Sorel
Race: Arkhan's Race
Planets: Arkhan's Planet

A strong women with great influence among the villages, Garan is loyal to King Arkhan, also known as Harry Maybourne, whom she believes is her peoples saviour. When SG1 came to the planet with the intention of relocating them, Garan took it upon herself to try and stop them. She was stopped by Maybourne, who also came clean telling her and his people the truth about his prophetic abilities.

Garan who had been awed by Maybourne, pressed that it wasn't just the prophecies that made him a great leader, but also his abilities to lead his people when the time was right. When the Goa'uld came Garan stood beside Maybourne, and helped him and SG1 retake their planet.

[edit] Key Episodes

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