Galaran Emissary

Galaran Emissary
Played By: William Atherton
Race: Galarans
Planets: Galar

Emissary and ambassador of the Galaran people, the Emisarry held a high position amongst his people, and was aware of the Stargate unlike much of the population. The Emissary eventually assigned Dr Reya Varrick as the new leader of the Galaran memory project, giving her the security clearance to know about the Stargate.

Approximately a year later, when SG1 came through the gate, the Emissary welcomed them hoping to trade technology with the Tau'ri, who were very much interested in the completed memory device.

After the completion of the memory device, the Emissary transferred control of the project to the military however, Dr Varrick was furious when she found out, who had been promised that it would be a civilian project.

When Dr Varrick was murdered, supposedly by Cameron Mitchell, the Emissary tried to maintain the diplomatic relations between the two worlds, and managed to free Mitchell, as long as he didn't come back, however Mitchell who knew that he didn't kill her, fought to clear his name, eventually finding that it was Dr Marell. To protect his project, rather than imprison him, the Emissary had his memory of the incident wiped allowing him to return to work.

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