Played By: Tamsin Kelsey
Race: Cimmerians
Planets: Cimmeria (P3X-974)

A leader among her people, Gairwyn welcomed Daniel Jackson and Samantha Carter when they came through the gate, taking them to see Kendra hoping that they can find their friends who were taken by Thors Hammer. To save Teal'c SG1 were forced to destroy Thors Hammer which protected the planet.

Eventually Heru'ur realised that the planet was no longer protected and came to the planet. Gairwyn was entrusted to contact the SGC and get help, however in the process she lost those that were guarding her. When SG1 came, Daniel and Sam took Gairwyn to try and contact the Asgard via the Hall of Thor's Might. Facing a series of puzzles, they soon came face to face with Thor, who beamed Gairwyn onto her ship to explain the situation better, saving the planet from the Goa'uld.

[edit] Key Episodes

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