Gadmeer Terraformer

Gadmeer Terraformer
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Ship Information
Race(s): Gadmeer

The Gadmeer terraformer is a ship built to transforming the ecosystems of an entire planet to suit the needs of the sulfur-based Gadmeer species. The ship is also a vessel for the extinct Gadmeer people, who live on in the ship as genetic records. As they were becoming extinct, they were able to create the ship which would search for a new homeworld, and transport with it genetic records of the speices. It could then create the civilization once again.

The terraformer launches enormous energy beams at the surface which destroys all the native organisms. Then it releases microbes which penetrate the soil, billowing sulphur dioxide. This is the foundation for the environment that will sustain the Gadmeer. From there, the ship can reintegrate the genetic stores to the surface to begin the rebuilding process. But once it begins the process, it does not have enough raw materials to stop and start again on another world. The computer-controlled vessel can also create an artificial lifeforms of a species it analyses, as it did with the Enkarans. The vessel is also equipped with matter transportation technology.

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