Race Information
Planet(s): P5S-381
Ship(s): Gadmeer Terraformer

The Gadmeer civilisation were a very advanced and peaceful race that fell victim to a superior military power. In hopes to save their civilisation they built a ship, containing the civilisation which would transport them to a world far away from the reach of their enemies. They placed all of their knowledge in the ship's memory. Science,

Mathematical, Medical science, arts, philosophy, 10,000 years of the Gadmeer civilisation.

The ship then searched for a viable planet on which they could live in, finally arriving to an inhabitation planet. As soon as they began the terraforming process, they discovered that the Enkaarans had come to the planet, and they built an Enkaaran android to talk to them and get them to leave.

They eventually reach an agreement where the Gadmeer ship takes them to their origional homeworld, allowing the Gadmeer civilisation to grow once again.

[edit] Key Episodes

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