Played By: Peter Bryant
Race: Jaffa
Planets: Chulak

An old friend of Teal'c, Fro'tak gave Drey'auc and Ry'ac a home to live in and the respect that they lost when Teal'c was branded a traitor. Fro'tak had the pleasure of serving Bra'tac when he was younger and was believed to be trustworthy.

Now in service of Apophis, Fro'tak had become a scribe in the Hall of Recording within the west wing of Apophis's palace. When SG1 came to the planet in order to rescue Teal'c's son Ry'ac, Fro'tak helped them to find him, however when Drey'auc showed her love for Teal'c, Fro'tak became enraged and felt betrayed. In his anger he went to tell Apophis about the location of Teal'c and the Tau'ri, however he was followed by Jack who upon learning of his intentions had no choice but to kill him.

[edit] Key Episodes

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