Voiced By: Dion Luther
Race: Asgard
Planets: Halla

Freyr takes the persona of the Norse god of sun and rain, and the patron of bountiful harvests. He is said to be served by Elves who are considered to be the messengers of Freyr, who can bring either good or bad news.

Freyr is the god of the planet named K'tau, which is a planet under the protected planets treaty. SG1 contacted Freyr in hopes of saving the planet when the Planets light frequency changed, causing the inhabitants of the planet to die, unless it was restored.

Although Freyr said no, the Asgard helped the planet without the knowledge of the Goa'uld.

Freyr came to Earth momentarily when Thor was thought to have been killed, and the Asgard wanted SG1 to save Heimdall.

[edit] Key Episodes

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