Frank Simmons

Frank Simmons
Frank simmons.jpg
Played By: John de Lancie
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A pawn of the NID, Simmons was quick to make enemies with SGC and made no effort to hide the fact that he worked for the rogue part of the NID. With no evidence against him, he was able to use his power for the purposes of the NID.

He came to the SGC when they discovered what seemed to be a weapon. Wanting to test it and possible use it against the Goa'uld, he ordered for it to be fixed bringing retribution from the Ancients. Fortunately he was stopped by Orlin, a descended Ancient who had become attracted to Samantha Carter. Shortly after, he conducted investigations into the SGC and its running.

When Adrian Conrad, a wealthy businessman became a host, Simmons managed to secretly take him into custody, promising him a better deal than what the SGC could possibly give them. A unique opportunity presented itself to Simmons when Teal'c failed to materialise within the gate. Promising the Goa'uld power and weapons he made a deal with the Conrad, however during the time SG1 managed to find the location of Conrad allowing for the arrest of Simmons.

In the meantime, using information given to him by Conrad, the NID set into motion a plan to use the interstellar ship created by the residents of Stevenson, Oregon. Unfortunately they were quickly stopped by SG1. Moving their sights to the Prometheus, rogue NID elements managed to hijack it, demanding that Conrad and Simmons be brought to the ship.

On the ship, Simmons and the crew went in search for the weapons, however a fire fight broke out between Simmons and the Goa'uld, resulting in Simmons shooting the host. To save itself the symbiote went into Simmons, who too was eventually killed by SG1 who opened an airlock, sending him to his death.

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