Frank Cromwell

Frank Cromwell
Frank cromwell.jpg
Played By: Marshall Teague
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

Colonel Frank Cromwell was formally Jack O'Neill's commanding officer, however during a mission in Iraq, a bad judgement call left Jack behind enemy lines, to be captured and put in an Iraqi prison for four months.

Many years after the incident, the Pentagon sent Cromwell to the SGC after believing the base to be compromised when a wormhole on the other side of the Stargate caused the base to feel time distortions. Once there, Jack wasn't pleased to see Cromwell there, and refused to forgive him for what he did back on Iraqi soil.

Cromwell along with Jack stayed behind, when they set the self destruct, Cromwell hoping that Jack would eventually forgive him, but to his dismay he declared that it would never happen. After 15 minutes, Samantha Carter came back having had 2 days to come up with an alternative plan.

Both Cromwell and Jack agreed to it, and hastened themselves to safety cables, fixed to a mini bomb. Cromwell and Jack managed to set off the bomb, however whilst trying to pull themselves up, the Iris was sucked into the wormhole, and Cromwell's safety cable snapped, and Jack was unable to save him, sending Cromwell to his death through the wormhole.

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