Played By: Bruce Gray
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

A Senator and chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, which is responsible for allocating the budget given to the Stargate program. After the committee proposed a 70% budget cut, General Hank Landry and Vala Mal Doran came to Washington to meet with Fisher in the hopes that he would reconsider and increase the budget.

Believing that Vala's and Daniel Jackson's experience with the Ori was nothing but a hallucination, Fisher was not convinced by the argument. Fisher thought that the Priors were just filling the void left by the Goa'uld and didn't represent any kind of real threat, even though Vala and Landry argued otherwise. Ultimately, Fisher believing that the program in the Pegasus Galaxy was much more important, he decided to give more funds to the Atlantis program hoping that it would lead to more Ancient technology.

[edit] Key Episodes

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