Played By: Paul Moniz de Sa
Race: Ver Egen Inhabitants
Planets: Ver Egen

Inhabitant of Ver Egen, Fannis secretly leads a group of anti-Ori resistance along with Harrid and Sallis. A historian, he kept his findings secret from the other inhabitants and Priors, knowing full well that were they to discover, they would confiscate it saying it to be contradictory to the Book of Origin. He hoped that one day when he has enough evidence, he could convince the others that the Ori are not gods. However, knowing that if they discovered he did not worship the Ori, he would be killed, he kept with him the book of Origin, making others believe that he was a devout follower.

When Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran were transported into the bodies of his friends, Harrid and Sallis, Fannis was more than eager to help them, as he realised that his beliefs about the Ori being false gods was true. He told them to act normal, and go about their normal duties, however soon enough Vala in the body of Sallis was found out, and sentenced to be burned. Fannis unable to do anything, watched as she burned, however a prior appeared bringing her back to life and taking them to Celestis.

When they returned, Fannis went to see them, and took them to show an ancient device that he had uncovered. Daniel and Vala realised that it was a communication deceive with which they could contact SGC. Unfortunately, Fannis, Daniel and Vala had been followed by a Prior, who came and used his powers to choke Fannis for his heresy.

[edit] Key Episodes

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