Played By: Fred Applegate
Race: K'tau People
Planets: K'tau (P39-865)

A spiritual leader to his people, Elrad welcomed SG1 when they came through the gate to K'tau believing they were elves, messengers of Freyr. However, soon after their arrival the planets sky started turning red, and the villages started to believe that SG1 were the harbingers of doom, and ragnorak shall soon be upon them, the end of time.

Elrad believed that no matter what, SG1 were sent by the gods, they should be treated rightly, unfortunately Malchus, another villager believed that it was all SG1's fault. When Malchus sabotaged a rocket, with which SG1 hoped to save the planet, Elrad was forced to discipline him, however when Jack O'Niell started telling the villages that Freyr isn't a god, Elrad had enough and asked SG1 to leave.

Within a few minutes, the sky returned to normal, and Elrad believing it to be a sign of forgiveness from Freyr, along with his people, started praying to Freyr.

[edit] Key Episodes

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