Played By: Courtenay J. Stevens
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

Lieutenant Elliot was told about the Stargate program due to his exceptional ability and soon enough he was brought onto the Stargate training program. He was trained by SG1, and earned his first field commission when he successfully completed a task testing him on his capabilities.

His first mission was a diplomatic mission, however it soon turned sour, when Anubis's forces came to Revana to destroy the Tok'ra. During an attack from Anubis's forces, Elliot was injured, and the Tok'ra symbiote Lantash took him as a host in an effort to save both of them. Although this worked temporarily, Lantash and Elliot were forced to give their lives so that SG1 and Jacob Carter could escape the planet and return back to Earth.

[edit] Key Episodes

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