Played By: Jewel Staite
Race: Wraith
Planets: Zaddiks Homeworld

A Child Wraith that was raised by a Zaddik, a Human, as his own child. Zaddik tried to give Ellia potions which he hoped would stop her from feeding like a normal Wraith. Ellia, however, lied to him, and told him that it had worked, and went out killing when she sensed that another Wraith was also out hunting. Thus quelling her hunger, and keeping her father happy.

However, Sheppard's team soon arrived on the planet and gave there assurance to the townspeople to kill the Wraith that was doing the killing. They soon found Ellia, and heard about the drug. However, before anything could be said for certain, Ellia took an untested drug developed by Carson Beckett, in the hopes of hiding the Wraith DNA in her blood, leaving only the human part intact. However, the drug, which had not been tested, had the reverse effect, causing her to become more Wraith.

In an attempt to stop her from killing Sheppard, she was eventually killed by Ronan Dex

[edit] Key Episodes

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