Played By: David Bloom
Race: Lord Protector's Race
Planets: Lord Protector's Homeworld

An inhabitant of a planet under protection from the Wraith by a "Tower", protected by the weapon located beneath the tower commanded by a family who have the Ancient Gene. Living in fear, Eldred didn't dare to defy the Lord Protector or his men.

He kindly took in Rodney McKay, Teyla and Ronon Dex for the night, giving them an evening meal whilst John Sheppard spent the night in the tower. He prayed daily to the ancestors for the goodness to be bestowed to the Lord Protector, and that they may continue to watch over them.

Eldred was fearful when Ronon killed four of the Lord Protectors Guard, fearing the worst, however his wife Petra managed to convince him and the villagers that they should stand together and fight the Lord Protector. However, it became unnecessary as the tower lost power and the drones ran out of energy before they could destroy the village.

[edit] Key Episodes

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