Played By: Gwynyth Walsh
Race: Tok'ra
Planets: Pangar

Egeria is the Queen of the Tok'ra. Egeria realised that what the Goa'uld did was wrong, and taught her children the right thing to do. However, for her beliefs she was hunted by the Goa'uld. Ra managed to find her and imprison her on the planet Pangar. She stayed here for many centuries, until the Pangarans discovered her. They started testing her, and found that she could be used to create a medicine that would stop all disease. When they met with SG1, they told them about the cure, and eventually SG1 figured out that they were using a Goa'uld queen.

They called in the Tok'ra to help remove a symbiote from one of the Pangarans, but they soon realised that the Goa'uld queen is in fact the Tok'ra Queen Egeria. Kelmaa another Tok'ra gave her life in an attempt to free Egeria by allowing her to take a new host, however Egeria soon passed on, but helped SGC and the Pangarans by giving them a cure to stop their dependancy on the Tretonin.

[edit] Key Episodes

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