Played By: Michael Rooker
Race: Tau'ri
Planets: Earth

Colonel Edwards, a strictly military type, when he was assigned as the commander of the Naquadah dig operation on P3X-403 he was devoted to his job, and when the threat of the Unas became apparent, he wasn't willing to back down. Intent on fighting for the mine, he wasn't about to let the Unas drive him out.

It wasn't until after three months that his team found a mine, with a yield as big as 53,000 metric tons was found, that the Unas started attacking Edwards's men. Edwards didn't look kindly at the Unas and believed that they couldn't negotiate with them, however he was forced to allow Daniel Jackson and Chaka to try and negotiate with the Unas.

Wanting to bring more troops in to overwhelm the Unas, Edwards was unaware of the number of Unas that were on the planet, however when one of his men accidentally killed an Unas he realised what he was up against when the Unas surrounded him and his men, numbering in the hundreds.

Edwards realised that although Daniel Jackson can be a pain in the arse, he usually is right, and he followed Daniels orders, avoiding a massacre and leading to a peaceful solution to the problem.

[edit] Key Episodes

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