Planet Information
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Planet Address
Galaxy: Milky Way
Race(s): Edorans

[edit] History

Edora is a planet which is free from Goa'uld opression, however, it has an irregular orbit in which it passes through an Astroid belt every year. However, they are never close enough to impact the planet. However, during a trip to the planet to watch the meteor pass, they discover that the meteors are closer than they thought. It turns out that every 150 years, the planet passes very close to the astroid belt, and many of the meteors crash onto the planet. Whilst trying to evacuate the planet, Jack is stranded on the Planet, when a meteor hits the gate. The planet during the time, is engulfed in a cloud of Naquadah which is deadly, and being outside is dangerous for the inhabitants of the planet, as is inside which is under threat from the meteors. However, once the planet was safe to be outside, Jack tried to find the gate but was unsuccesful. Eventually Teal'c and the rest of the SGC were able to succesfully get to the planet and uncover the Stargate and get him home.

[edit] Key Episodes

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