Played By: Patrick Currie
Race: Serrakins
Planets: Hebridan

A Serrakin, Eamon is the brother of Warrick, and an engineer. Eamon works for the Tech Con group as a designer of Garbage disposal units as well as occasionally working on the Serberus, the ship captained by his brother.

Whilst keeping a watch on the Loop of Kon Garat, Eamon and Teal'c went to Tech Con, where they discovered a plot by Eamon's supervisor, Del Tynan, a Hebridan, to make sure that only a true Hebridan, Muirios should win, and to do so he sabotaged all the other ships. Before they could do anything about it, Eamon and Teal'c were both caught by Del Tynan and used to try and blackmail Warrick into losing the race. However, Eamon and Teal'c managed to escape with the help of Jack O'Niell allowing Warrick and Samantha Carter to resume the race.

[edit] Key Episodes

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