EP 804 - Zero Hour

Zero Hour
Season 8 Episode 4
Series: Stargate SG-1
Original Air Date: July 30, 2004
Written By Robert C. Cooper
Directed By: Peter Woeste
Preceded by: Lockdown
Followed by: Icon


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

In his difficult early days commanding the SGC, reluctant Jack is faced by every form of catastrophe known to man, from incarcerated aliens to bunting crises, a kidnapped SG-1 team and the predations of opportunistic System Lord Ba'al. When SG-1 Go missing Ba'al takes the opportunity to claim that it was him that has taken them, and for his return wants the Goa'uld prisoner that the SGC hold. With a new administrative sidekick causing more trouble than he's worth, Jack also has to deal with a plant problem in the base as well as the discovery of a ZPM thanks to the Goa'uld prisoner.

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[edit] Quotes

Walter: oh, it turns out that the red, white and blue bunting is ... unavailable.
O'Neill: No bunting.
Walter: They can get some blue and white and mix in some red.
O'Neill: It just won't be the same
Ba'al: You have one day
O'Neill: Is that, like, one *Earth* day, or ...
O'Neill: Give it another day
Davis: You think you can get everything resolved by then?
O'Neill: Wait a minute - think there's a joke in there somewhere.... Got nothing.
O'Neill: So - trapped in a secret base all this time. Go figure.
Gilmor: Is it really wise to provoke him?
O'Neill: It's what I do
O'Neill: Well, I'm not really sure. Here's some irony for you: Carter - have this thing fixed like *that*. No offence there, Siler.
Siler: Uh, none taken, sir.
O'Neill: You should read what Teal'c and Daniel wrote about your conduct under fire.
Carter: Can I?
O'Neill: No
Carter: Damn!
O'Neill: Teal'c said you were an animal
Carter: Huh! Such an exaggerator
Ba'al: You *dare* mock me
O'Neill: Ba'al, c'mon, you should know ... Of *course* I dare mock you
Gilmor: Well, he's not like other generals.
Walter: Actually, he's not like other ... *people*
O'Neill: Dear General Hammond. Wish you were here and that I was not.
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