EP 604 - Frozen

Season 6 Episode 4
Series: Stargate SG-1
Original Air Date: June 28, 2002
Written By Robert C. Cooper
Directed By: Martin Wood
Preceded by: Decent
Followed by: Nightwalkers


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

A frozen female alien that might pre-date human evolution by 50 million years is discovered in Antarctica near the place where the second gate was found. She might, in fact be part of the race that invented the Stargate. After SG-1 manages to thaw her back to life, they discover she may be the source of a deadly virus which infects all humans there. However, she is able to save them by healing them, however in the process she weakens herself, and if she continues to heal them, she could die as well.

[edit] Bloopers

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[edit] Quotes

O'Neill: Listen, could somebody bottom line this for me?
Fraiser: Well, sir, we could be looking at evidence that human beings evolved long before we thought they did.
Carter: And maybe not originally on this planet.
O'Neill: Darwin would be crushed
O'Neill: Doh!
Teal'c: What is it, O'Neill?
O'Neill: I forgot to tape 'The Simpsons'. (Teal'c stares) It's important to me.
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