EP 505A - Ghost In the Machine

Ghost In the Machine
Season 5 Episode 5
Series: Stargate: Atlantis
Original Air Date: August 15, 2008
Story By: Carl Binder
Martin Gero
Teleplay By: Carl Binder
Directed By: Kenneth J. Girotti
Preceded by: The Daedalus Variations
Followed by: The Shrine


[edit] Synopsis

Returning from an exploratory mission, the team is mystified when an arc of blue energy causes the puddle jumper's primary systems to shut down, slamming them into an active Stargate. They narrowly make it home, only to be greeted by similar erratic anomalies within the city itself. Soon, nearly every system in Atlantis is affected by ominous power disruptions.

Suddenly, a puzzling message appears on McKay's computer screen. Its author claims to be a former friend long thought dead. Now an incorporeal presence, she begs Rodney to utilize the Ancient technology to build her a new body.

Highly skeptical, the Atlantis team is faced with an impossible decision. To create the means to release an entity who may or may not be a friend, or stand by as it systematically destroys the city's technological infrastructure.

[edit] Plot

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