EP 417 - Absolute Power

Absolute Power
Season 4 Episode 17
Series: Stargate SG-1
Original Air Date: January 19, 2001
Written By Robert C. Cooper
Directed By: Peter DeLuise
Preceded by: 2010
Followed by: The Light


[edit] Synopsis

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[edit] Plot

SG-1 get summoned to Abydos by Kasuf, Sha're's father as he had heard her name whispered in the wind. When they get there they find Harsesis child, however he is not the child that he should be but a boy of about 8 called Shifu. He is full of Eastern wisdom but can't remeber the knowldege of the Goa'uld as Oma Desala has represssed the memories. Daniel tells him about his mother Sha're and he teaches Daniel just why it would be a bad idea for anyone human to have the genetic knowledge of the Gao'uld.

[edit] Bloopers

[edit] Quotes

Daniel has transporter rings in his new house
Daniel: Elevators are such a pain in the ass
Shi'fu: If the instrument is broken, the music will be sour
Daniel: The music does not play the musician.
Shi'fu: Normally there's truth in that.
Daniel: Really? Good! Because I really didn't have any idea what I was talking about...
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