EP 415 - Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction
Season 4 Episode 15
Series: Stargate SG-1
Original Air Date: January 5, 2001
Written By Paul Mullie
Joseph Mallozzi
Directed By: Martin Wood
Preceded by: The Serpent's Venom
Followed by: 2010


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

General Hammond announces his intention to retire and step down as head of SGC. When the new commander, Major General Bauer, arrives he is every bit as bad as SG-1 feared. He splits up the team, gets Sam to do a very dangerous experiment which endangers all of SGC and threatens to fire Jack. Jack takes gardening leave and goes to investigate Hammond's mysterious desire to suddenly "retire" this takes him back into the company of Maybourne and Senator Kinsey.

[edit] Bloopers

[edit] General Bloopers

    • When Maybourne "accesses the internet" in the apartment, the URL displayed in his browser clearly begins with "file:", which means that its a file on his computer and not the internet

[edit] Quotes

O'Neill: About what you owe me...
Hammond: Anything I can do
O'Neill: Well nothing right now but one day I may ask you to buy back my soul
Maybourne: I need to know you're gonna see this thing through
O'Neill: Under no other circumstances would I sit here and watch you eat.
O'Neill: If it wasn't for SG1 you'd be sitting there with a snake in your head instead of your head up your ass.
Bauer: In the future you might want to include bullet point summaries. Makes for an easier read.
O'Neill: Bullet point summaries.
Bauer: Is there a problem with that?
O'Neill: General, I realise the format of my reports is of vital importance and if you'd like, some day we can get together and talk about fonts and margins, but right now I like to discuss the fact you're dismantling my team without discussion
Hammond: Are you serious?
O'Neill: For once yes
Kinsey: Oh please, given the chance half of all American citizens won't even vote and the half that do vote are too stupid to know what they're doing
O'Neill: Which explains how you got elected
Kinsey: Colonel, have you completely taken leave of your senses?
O'Neill: I've been hanging round Maybourne, what does that say?
Maybourne: Nice of you to come by. I don't get a lot of visitors.
O'Neill: I find that hard to believe
Teal'c: On Chulak, when a great warrior retires from the field of battle it is custom to sing a song of lament. Fortunately we are not on Chulak.
Kinsey: How dare you come into my house waving a gun?
O'Neill: Not waving. Pointing.
Kinsey: When this is over I promise you'll regret the day we ever met.
O'Neill: Oh that day has come and gone, Senator
O'Neill: Afternoon ma'am. I'm Mr Starsky and this is Hutch
Mrs Kinsey: He seems to like you Mr Starsky?
O'Neill: Birds of feather, ma'am
Kinsey: Dear, Starsky and Hutch is an old TV show
Mrs Kinsey: Oh so you're actors then?
Apartment Block- Empty room with just a table and computer
O'Neill: (To Maybourne) Have you heard of IKEA???
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