EP 403 - Upgrades

Season 4 Episode 3
Series: Stargate SG-1
Original Air Date: July 14, 2000
Written By David Rich
Directed By: Martin Wood
Preceded by: The Other Side
Followed by: Crossroads


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

A Tok'ra scientist Anise/Freya brings with her some devices that both the Tok'ra and Goa'uld have been searching for for years. They are said to make the wearer superhuman but won't work with the Tok'ra, probably because of their symbiot. She wants O'Neill, Carter and Jackson to try them out. As the effects become apparent Dr Fraiser becomes concerned and a change comes over the 3. It is then the Tok'ra reveal their real purpose.

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[edit] Quotes

Jack reads a book within a few seconds
Daniel: Did you just read that?
O'Neill: I guess. Don't s'pose there's another book around that explains this book.
Daniel: What reason did Hobbes give for the fall of the civilization?
O'Neill: Failing agricultural infrastructure
Daniel: That's incredible
O'Neill: Hey, it's his theory
Daniel: I cross-referenced it with every language on Earth in an hour!
Freya: What did you find?
Daniel: Nothing, but the point is, I can read really fast!
Carter: Has it ocurred to anyone that we're defying a direct order?
Daniel: ...well, it's not like we haven't defied orders before.
Carter: Yeah, but that was to save Earth.
O'Neill: Earth, steaks - there's a difference?
Hammond: I thought the devices were supposed to enhance them physically, not make them stupid
O'Neill: Just say the word
Hammond: Thank you
O'Neill: Seriously, say it. Say the word
Hammond: Dismissed
O'Neill: We can be ready in three seconds
Hammond: Colonel...
O'Neill: Two! Hey, we're ready!
Hammond: Jack, please! Just get the hell out of my office!
Anise: Your strength is five times that of a normal human
O'Neill: So, no increase then, huh?
Jack has come back from the mission after defying direct orders
O'Neill: Just remember, I retired. You wanted me back!
Fraiser: We've tried everything short of surgically removing their arms
Hammond: We'll hold that option in reserve
'Daniel: Anise'?
Anise: It means 'noble strength'.
Daniel: I'm Daniel, it means 'God as my judge
I'm Jack. It means... uhm... 'What's in the box?
O'Neill: It's just that every time they show up it seems like there's some kind of trou...
A beautiful Tok'ra pops out of the gate
Daniel: Yep, that looks like trouble to me...
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