EP 317A - Sunday

Season 3 Episode 17
Series: Stargate: Atlantis
Original Air Date: January 15, 2007
Written By Martin Gero
Directed By: William Waring
Preceded by: The Ark
Followed by: Submersion


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

On an ordinary day in Atlantis, the whole exhibition have a day off, besides for Elizabeth Wier that is. Not knowing the meaning of the word 'rest', she continues to work in her office, however is soon distracted when a young scientist Mark Branton asks her on a date. Reluctant at first, she soon agrees when he assures her that it doesn't have to be a date. When on the 'not a date' lunch, Wier lowers her defences, and in a moment of weakness the two kiss. However she soon realises that she can't let this lead to a romantic situation. However she is quickly saved from this awkward situation when she is told that a bomb has gone off killing and injuring many.

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