EP 305A - Progeny

Season 3 Episode 5
Series: Stargate: Atlantis
Original Air Date: August 11, 2006
Story By: Robert C. Cooper
Carl Binder
Teleplay By: Carl Binder
Directed By: Andy Mikita
Preceded by: Sateda
Followed by: The Real World


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

The Atlantis expedition find a gate address in its database which leads Sheppards team, accompanied by Weir to a planet called Asuras, a world inhabited by millions of beings. The team soon come to the conclusion that they are infact unascended Ancients, led by Oberoth, a powerful man in his 50's. They meet with an Asuran named Niam who takes them to meet with the Asuran high council, where the team learn that they are an off-shoot from the Ancients. They left Atlantis when they Ancients didn't heed the advice of the Asuran during the war with the Wraith, settling on this world over a thousand years ago. Weir and Sheppard challenge Oberoth about the threat of the Wraith, however Oberoth tells them that they already have a plan to eradicate the Wraith from the Pegasus Galaxy, however they were not willing to share the details with them. When Oberoth realises that they had come from an Lantean city, his curiousity intensified, however Weir made sure he didn't find out that it was Atlantis itself. When the team prepared to leave, Oberoth revealed his true intentions, and had them siezed. He had them restrained, and their memories probed, and soon learnt about the Ancients, and the expedition Atlantis. When they wake, Niam tells them that they are in a flying city, much like Atlantis itself, and using the ZPM's they have an abundance of, they are flying to Atlantis to destroy the home of their creators. Niam reveals to Weir that the Asurans are not biologically Lantean, but artificial lifeforms that were the product of an Ancient experiment to find powerful nanites to attack the Wraith on a cellular level. However the microscopic creatures came together to form larger, more complex lifeform that they see today. The Ancients believing their experiments to be getting out of hand, tried to use their ships to destroy the new lifeforms, however a few managed to remain. Weir realises that these lifeforms may be the genesis of the Replicators in the Milky way, it could very well be that an Ancient who returned to Earth did more experiments on this, and created the Human form Replicator, Reese. Fortuneately, Niam, unlike Oberoth wishes to be more like their creators, and to have the chance to one day ascend, however to do so, he needs McKay to remove their aggressive nature out of their base code, something the Ancients would not do.

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