EP 219 - One False Step

One False Step
Season 2 Episode 19
Series: Stargate SG-1
Original Air Date: February 19, 1999
Written By Michael Kaplan
John Sanborn
Directed By: William Corcoran
Preceded by: Serpent's Song
Followed by: Show and Tell


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

SG-1 seem to have caused a plague among a friendly, gentle race. Can Dr Fraiser help find a cure before they all start dying?

[edit] Bloopers

[edit] Mistakes During Filming

    • A camera catches the back of one of the aliens and you can see an invisible zipper seam running up the back of the costume

[edit] Mistakes in the Script

    • While the alien brought back is flat-lining, Sam and then the doctor start CPR where the heart should be, but in a previous scene we saw that the alien's heart was near the pelvis and not in the chest.

[edit] Quotes

O'Neill: You're videotaping a plant.
Daniel: Well, I think this might be important.
O'Neill: Well, I think you might be losing what's left of your mind.
Daniel: What's that supposed to mean?
O'Neill: It means that on a good day you can be a little flaky
Daniel: And on a good day you can be a little ignorant and condescending.
Daniel: Well, I haven?t had the brilliant revelations you seem to have had.
O'Neill: Well, maybe you could come up with something better than inappropriate sarcasm
Daniel: You want sarcasm? Nice to meet ya
Daniel: We disagree on almost everything
O'Neill: Oh yeah? Like what?
Daniel: Pick something! Um...Mythology!
O'Neill: Lies, rumors, fairytales
Daniel: Exactly, I see them as the foundation of human culture!
O'Neill: What does all this have to do with filming a plant?!?
Daniel: Exactly!
O'Neill: What does that mean?!?
Daniel: I don't know!
Carter: I realized there was some kind of symbiotic relationship between them and the plants.
Daniel: How did you realize it?
Long Pause
O'Neill: Captain...?
Carter: I talk to my plants, okay?
Teal'c: It is their planet. Is it not we who are aliens?
Daniel: Actually the word 'alien' refers to anything characteristic of a very strange place or culture, anything really strange from our own perspective.
O'Neill: What, you thought we called you 'alien' just because you are from Chu'lak?
Daniel: You know, I think the alien on the video looked very docile, more curious then harmful.
O'Neill: I thought it looked bald, white, and naked.
(team returns to a planet)
Daniel: Deja vu!
Teal'c: I am unfamiliar with that term
Daniel: Um... it means I feel like I've been here before.
Teal'c: That is correct, Daniel Jackson. Yesterday, when we first arrived on this planet.
Daniel: Right... What was I thinking...?
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