EP 210A - The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys
Season 2 Episode 10
Series: Stargate: Atlantis
Original Air Date: September 23, 2005
Written By Martin Gero
Directed By: Brad Turner
Preceded by: Aurora
Followed by: The Hive


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

After getting a tip off about someone who wants to meet the Atlantis team, Sheppard takes his team to a remote planet, but are ambushed and knocked out. When they wake up they find themselves in a cave and soon realise who has braught them here. They learn that Ford has been recruiting soldiers to fight against the Wraith by giving them the Wraith enzyme, thus boosting their strength and abilities. He provides them with food, which they eat, until he tells them that the food is laced with the enzymes, thus making them addicts like him. However, he left Sheppards food untouched so that he can tell Weir that the enzymes work and have no negative side effects. Ford soon sends Sheppard and Teyla on a mission with some of the men, and they soon discover that Ford plans to attack a Wraith Hive ship that has been culling planets in its flight path using a captured Wraith Dart. Although, knowing that Ford wont listen to reason, Sheppard agrees to help, in an attempt to escape when the mission starts, however, after the preparations are complete, Ford double crosses them, and forces McKay to stay on the planet. With his plan to escape foiled, Sheppard goes through with Fords plan, however when he gets close to the Hive Ship the dart enters Auto-Pilot and he is forced to land inside the ship. But things become bad, when he is forced to rematerialize the cargo whilst flying blind, killing two of Fords men. Things are made worse, when the Dart lands and prepares for inspection. To save himself he shoots the Wraith and runs, sounding the alarm. Soon the Wraith are all over the team and they are shot by Wraith stunners and captured. When Sheppard awakes, he is taken by the Wraith to meet the keeper...

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