EP 207A - Instinct

Season 2 Episode 7
Series: Stargate: Atlantis
Original Air Date: August 26, 2005
Written By Treena Hancock
Melissa R. Byer
Directed By: Andy Mikita
Preceded by: Trinity
Followed by: Conversion


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

Sheppards team go to a planet where the villages warn them to stay away or a beast known as the Diamos shall feed on them. They soon realise that the Diamos is nothing but a Wraith, and offer their services to kill the Wraith. Whilst hunting the team find a Wraith, however they soon learn that the Wraith is different to the other Wraith they have encountered. It's still a child, one which has been brought up by Zaddik, one of the villages in the cave. Zaddik reassures the team that she is harmless, and that he has created a formula to rid the Wraith's reliance on humans as food. Back on Atlantis, Dr. Beckett is called, who is very interested in finally being able to test a new Wraith retro-virus, one that would strip all the iratus bug elements from the Wraith, leaving only the human parts. Beckett and Sheppard return to the planet, to find another life has been taken, all whilst Ellia, the child Wraith, has been in the cave, confirming Zaddiks story. Teyla enlists the help of Ellia to find the male Wraith killing the villages, and she agrees. She uses the telepathic link between the Wraith to find where it is, and Sheppard goes on search for it with Ronan. In the meantime, Zaddik tells Beckett his concerns for Ellia, not knowing that Ellia is listening to their conversation. She hears Beckett talk about the Wraith retrovirus, and when they go out of the cave, she takes a vial containing the retrovirus. She takes the retrovirus, and then tells her father that she did so because his Ferassin root serum never worked, she has always felt hunger, and that she fed along side the other Wraith. However the retrovirus takes effect right in front of his eyes, taking the opposite effect, she becomes more like the Iratus bug. Meanwhile, Beckett and McKay run into the male Wraith, but Ellia intercepts and snaps the Wraith's neck. She turns on McKay, but Beckett shoots her and drives her off. She runs into Zaddik, who is in search of her, but she doesn't recognise him, and she grabs then throws him onto the floor. Sheppards team soon find him, along with the angry villagers. Ellia then runs into Teyla who fights her in hand-to-hand combat, however Teyla is knocked unconscious. Ronan is ordered to stay with Teyla, whilst Sheppard goes in search for Ellia, however when Teyla regains consciousness, she tells Ronan to go help Sheppard. In the meantime, Sheppard runs into Ellia who despite taking several gun shots, manages to get close and start feeding on his arm. However, she is soon stopped by Ronan who comes and kills her.

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