EP 204A - Duet

Season 2 Episode 4
Series: Stargate: Atlantis
Original Air Date: August 5, 2005
Written By Martin Gero
Directed By: Peter DeLuise
Preceded by: Runner
Followed by: Condemned


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

During the investigation of a planet, McKay and a new security team member, Lt. Laura Cadman are transported aboard a Wraith Dart, which crashes onto the planet surface. Unfamiliar with the Wraith technology, Dr. Zelenka is only able to transport McKay out of the rubble, and Cadman is nowhere to be found, however soon McKay claims to hear her voice, coming from inside her head. In the meantime, Ronon Dex settles in at Atlantis, and displays impeccable fighting skills during training. Impressed with his ablities, Sheppard implores to Weir to allow him to become the fourth member of his team.

[edit] Bloopers

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[edit] Quotes

Teyla: The cullings are getting more and more intense
Sheppard: You said it your self, too many Wraith woke up at the same time. Too many mouths to feed or hands to feed
Weir: So do you think once the initial shock is over, we'll have the old McKay back?
Carson: Afraid so
Carson: According to the MRI, hes as healthy as he ever was
Cadman: Doesn't feel very healthy in here.
McKay: well we can't all be Trackstars now can we?
McKay: So instead of waiting to understand what it was that you were doing, you just sorta MASHED on the keyboard hoping something would happen
Sheppard is watching Dex throw [and hurt] many airmen whilst testing how good he is
Sheppard: How about we try that again
Airmen: How about YOU try that again... sir
Sheppard: I'm no scientist, but those mice used to be a different color
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