EP 202A - The Intruder

The Intruder
Season 2 Episode 2
Series: Stargate: Atlantis
Original Air Date: July 22, 2005
Written By Joseph Mallozzi
Paul Mullie
Directed By: Peter DeLuise
Preceded by: The Siege (Part 3)
Followed by: Runner


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

On the Daedalus's way back to Atlantis, after repairs in Earth, the battlecruiser is found to be infected with a Wraith computer virus. However, as the virus spreads it becomes harder for them to get rid of the virus, and their every attempt to stop the virus leads to more disasterous situations, to the point where the ship is on a course to pass through the carona of a sun, killing all those onboard, and leaving the ship for the Wraith.

[edit] Bloopers

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[edit] Quotes

Sheppard: This is what I do when I have problems with my laptop. I turn it off, and then I turn it on again.
Weir: I think this is a little bit more complicated than that.
Sheppard: I'm just saying that if we're taking a page from the John Sheppard Book of Computer Repair, we're really desperate.
'McKay: Crap!
Hermoid: What did you do?
McKay: I just ran it through a translation programme - it's Wraith.
Hermoid: Crap' indeed.
Caldwell: How many personnel on board have the technical skills to do something like this?
McKay: Almost everybody! That's what you get for assembling a team of brilliant scientists.
Sheppard: You did great back there, Rodney. Wanna take the stick?
McKay: Really?!
Sheppard: No.
Weir: Are you alright?
Sheppard: Yeah. Two arms, ten fingers ... (he looks down) I'll check the rest later.

[edit] Concept Art

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