EP 119 - There But For the Grace of God

There But For the Grace of God
EP 119.jpg
Season 1 Episode 19
Series: Stargate SG-1
Original Air Date: February 20, 1998
Story By: David Kemper
Teleplay By: Robert C. Cooper
Directed By: David Warry-Smith
Preceded by: Tin Man
Followed by: Politics


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

Dr Daniel Jackson accidentally discovers a mirror that sends him to an alternate reality. On that Earth the Goa'ulds have wiped out a large proportion of Earth's population and are just about to capture SGC. He must convince the Alternate SGC that hes a friend and to help him get back.

[edit] Bloopers

[edit] General Blooper

    • If only 50% of the Genesis list was through the gate, where are the rest of the world leaders when the Jaffa break through? Shouldn't the SGC be filled with diplomats, scientists, and world leaders
    • Instead of using their one window of opportunity to dial P3R-233 for Daniel, they could have instead taken Daniel with them to the Beta site and have him dial P3R-233 from there, or all gone to P3R-233 and then go to the Beta Site. Either way, both groups would be where they need to be.

[edit] Dialling Sequence Blooper

    • In the alternate reality when dialling up Chulak, it shows the Walter typing away at the computers. We hear him say "Chevron 3 encoded" but his mouth is clearly shut
    • When they first try dialling the Beta site, Walter is heard clearly stating that chevron five is encoded, but a few seconds later they show the dialling screen and we see chevron five just being encoded just as an off-world gate activates and interrupts the dialling sequence.

[edit] Quotes

Carter: What makes you think the Goa'uld are even going to attack your earth?
Daniel: Oh, I'd say we've pissed them off at least as much as you have.
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