EP 119A - The Siege (Part 1)

The Siege (Part 1)
Season 1 Episode 19
Series: Stargate: Atlantis
Original Air Date: January 24, 2005
Written By Martin Gero
Directed By: Martin Wood
Preceded by: The Gift
Followed by: The Siege (Part 2)


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

With three Wraith Hive ships on their way to Atlantis, McKay must lead a team to an orbital weapons platform, in the hopes to activate it and destroy the Wraith ships. In the meantime a Wraith intruder has appeared in the city and is sabotaging key systems.

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[edit] Quotes

McKay: If it seems like we can't fix it, we'll just turn round and come back. Now I realise I am invaluable everywhere ...
Zelenka: You know what? Forget about it. I take it back.
McKay: Sorry ...
Zelenka: No!
McKay: ... you can't take it back because you've just admitted that I am *smarter* than you are!
Zelenka: I admitted no such thing!
McKay: It was hard for you to say but the truth shone through and you were compelled to speak!
Zelenka: You are a miserable little man!
McKay: Hey-hey-hey-hey-hey, let's not ruin the moment here, huh?
McKay: This is a simulation I've put together. It shows how the city will be destroyed once we trigger the self destruct.
He activates a screen on the wall and he and Elizabeth turn to look at it. It shows Atlantis as large explosions go off in various parts of the city. The city then breaks into large pieces which sink down into the ocean
Weir: I'm *so* glad you felt I needed to see this(!) I was just thinking all my nightmares needed to be more vivid!
Sheppard: What about M1K-439?
Ford: Which one's that?
Sheppard: The one with all the waterfalls.
Ford: The waterfalls. See, now, why don't we just call it Planet Waterfall? What? I say we should just give 'em names!
Peter: We need to reroute the power from our buffer to the actual weapon. If we can do that, it will arm.
McKay: See, now, your masterful grip on the blatantly obvious continues to impress me, Peter!
Peter: Thank you
McKay: This is bad! Very bad! I'm not sure I can fix this.
Zelenka: You can fix anything.
McKay: Who told you that?
Zelenka: You did, on several occasions.
McKay: Well, you're right. It's probably a good thing I drew the short straw
Sheppard: You got a name? (The Wraith doesn't answer.) OK - we'll go with Bob. Bob - I'm gonna need to know what you've been doing here for the past two weeks, and I'm gonna need to know now.
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