EP 118 - Tin Man

Tin Man
EP 118.jpg
Season 1 Episode 18
Series: Stargate SG-1
Original Air Date: February 13, 1998
Written By Jeff F. King
Directed By: Jimmy Kaufman
Preceded by: Solitudes
Followed by: There But For the Grace of God


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

After a routine mission when the team return to the SGC they seem different, its not until Dr Fraiser examines them that they realise the difference. They aren't human but are mechanoids. However, their memories seem to be original and they seem to have no idea how they were turned into machines. They are just as surprised as the SGC are. Soon their power source seems to need refuelling and so are sent back through the gate to realise that they aren't the original SG team but copies created by Harlan, a being who's been around 11,000 years and is lonely and created them for company, however they believed they were the original SG team and left. He shows them the real SG1 who are asleep, at which point Teal'cs Goa'uld starts to take over the machine body. Harlan explains that there were two of them in Teal'c's body and so he didn't know which one to copy. The mechanoid SG team have to destroy the mechanoid Teal'c to save their lives as the Goa'uld had taken it over completely. However, they are quick to synthesise another Teal'c with only one mind, Teal'cs. When the real SG team are awoken they are not pleased at what Harlan did, but decide that even though the SG team contains all their memories, they won't destroy them as long as they bury the gate after they are gone. Both Harlan and the Mechanoid Jack agree.

[edit] Bloopers

[edit] General Blooper

    • At the begining when SG-1 finds the computer terminal you see two of the exact same surge protectors that you see all over the SGC computer systems.

[edit] Mistakes During Filming

    • When there is a coolant leak, and Harlan is trying to glue or attach something to a pipe, he asks Daniel to hold something in place while he bangs it into place, however when Daniel lets go, it moves.
    • At the end when Jack is talking to the Android Jack and motions to him to get his face checked out, you can see Jack go out of character and almost burst out laughing for a second.

[edit] Mistakes in the Script

    • There seems to be some confusion whether if Altair is P3X-989 or PX3-989. (Jack says P3X-989 when they arrive, but all other times in the episode it's referred to as PX3-989)
    • SG-1 shows up, explores the compound, and are stunned. Harlan says he kept them unconscious so they wouldn't know of him or realize anything was amiss when he sent them back through the Gate. However, later the human SG-1 is woken up by their robot counterparts and the real Jack immediately says, "Harlan, where have you been?" But the "real" SG-1 never met Harlan, so how does Jack know his name?
    • When the two Samantha Carter's are discussing the possibility of "recreating the neural structure," Sam 2 says it "...defies the Uncertainty Principle." Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle deals with indeterminism and quantum mechanics, and (very simply put) the concept that mapping a phenomena alters the phenomena making it impossible to accurately measure the original phenomena. This all has nothing to do with mapping and copying neural structures

[edit] Quotes

O'Neill: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Colonel speaking. Welcome to P3X-niner-eight-niner (sic) where it's a balmy...room temperature.
Harlan: Hubald, he was the creator of all this, but he died very early...too early...Many secrets with him, so long ago.
O'Neill: How long, exactly?
Harlan: Uh, exactly? 99,207,000 of your...hours
O'Neill: (immediately) Well, that's 11,000 years.
Carter: How did you know that?
O'Neill: That's right?
Carter: (calculating) Yeah.
Daniel: Wait, how did you know that?!?
Harlan: All will be well, you will see. And your friend too
Carter: What? Teal'c?
Daniel: You killed him!
Harlan: He was malfunctioning.
Daniel: How will all be well with him if he is dead?
O'Neill: Harlan, where have you been?
Harlan: Extremely busy.
O'Neill: I can see that. Doing what?
Harlan: Oh, ah, creating your synthetic others. Saving the planet. Busy, busy.
Sam 2: We are identical, right down to the mole on our...
Carter: Hey! Shut up!
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