EP 117A - Letters From Pegasus

Letters From Pegasus
Season 1 Episode 17
Series: Stargate: Atlantis
Original Air Date: January 10, 2005
Written By Carl Binder
Directed By: Mario Azzopardi
Preceded by: The Brotherhood
Followed by: The Gift


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

The team realise that they have a very short chance to send a data transmission to Earth, and in hopes of relaying as much information as they can before the Wraith come, they send the mission logs as well as personal video's to the loved ones of each member of the expedition.

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[edit] Quotes

Carson: What shall I say?
Ford: Uh, uh, "I miss you"? "I wish you were here"?
Carson: I wish WHO was here?
Ford: I don't know. Who do you wish was here?
Carson: Nobody! I wish I wasn't bloody here!
Carson: I know you worry about me, Mum, but somehow we've found a way to rise to each challenge, so I wouldn't fret about my safety. It's the people here - from dozens of countries, all connected by a single bond. We represent the people of Earth - and if there's one thing I've discovered about we Earthlings, we're a scrappy bunch. I wouldn't be surprised if I bring back ...
Ford: (interrupting) Doc, you can't say "Earthlings"! Your mother doesn't have security clearance.
She knows I'm from Earth, son - it's not a bloody secret!
Oh, right.
McKay: Right. And in (he holds up his left hand with his fingers extended) five, four, three, (he stops speaking and holds up two fingers to signify the "two" count, then folds his arms and looks serious.) This is Doctor Rodney McKay speaking to you from my base of operations in the lost city of Atlantis, located deep (he gestures dramatically) within the Pegasus galaxy. I record this message on the eve of our darkest hour. As I speak, an alien armada of biblical proportions is on its way, bent ... dare I say *hell*bent - in keeping with the metaphor - on our destruction. We will do our best to stave off their attack but I am afraid that defeat is all but inevitable. I, and the other members of my team, face the most horrific deaths imaginable, as our very lives are sucked from our chests in a, in a, horrific ... OK, uh, starting again, (he makes a "cut" motion with his hands) starting again. Uh, Ford, just, just, cut that, alright? (He looks around the lab.) What about, uh ...
Dr Miko: (About McKay) He's a very honourable and brave man.
Has a Flashback
Oh! Ah! Ah! OK, cramp, cramp, cramp, cramp, cramp! Ow! Ow! Ow!
Weir: On the off-chance you decide to take the Wraith ships on yourself, Major, I am hereby ordering you not to.
Sheppard: Believe me, you don't have to.
Weir: Still ...
Sheppard: ... don't take on an alien armada single-handed. Understood!
Heres a quick Translation of what Zelenka said in russian
Zelenka: There is a "failsafe" mechanism on the ocean floor. With big power it ripped off the anchor of town from the bottom of ocean. We were ... we were afraid ... were ... were ... we were afraid. Unbelievable. What is happening, and that noise. The whole city was trembling as if it was an earthquake. That was something unbelievable. And suddenly we were moving. All the city was ascending, ascending up, up to the surface. That, that was something unbelievable. And the towers punched through the surface of water and we were going up, up. Waters, waves, waterfalls. All that water was falling down from that heights and we were shot up, absolutely on the top, and suddenly sun. Sun was simply shining to all windows. I will remember it to my death.
Ford: You didn't say anything that would require security clearance, did you?
Zelenka: Security clearance?
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