EP 114 - Singularity

EP 114.jpg
Season 1 Episode 14
Series: Stargate SG-1
Original Air Date: October 31, 1997
Written By Robert C. Cooper
Directed By: Mario Azzopardi
Preceded by: Hathor
Followed by: Cor-ai


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Plot

SG-1 travel to a planet where the Goa'uld have killed everyone except a child called Cassandra. She gets taken back to Earth and Sam bonds with her, then they discover the Goa'uld have used her as a Trojan horse, and planted a bomb in her chest.

[edit] Bloopers

[edit] Mistakes During Filming

    • While on Hanka during the beginning, Captain Carter's "Earth" patch (left shoulder) is upside down.
    • Shortly after SG-1 have been checked out by Dr Frasier, the team are walking along a road, and talking about how they should tag the dead bodies they find. As they walk, two bodies come into view, and the "dead" villager furthest right lifts her head slightly as the team approach.
    • In the scene when Earth is dialing Hanka to send Cassandra back and then Teal'c dials in faster and the Stargate activates, first when you see the Gate before it activates the decontamination thing is there then the gate activates and the vortex comes out and the decon thing isnt there, then after the gate is activated the decon thing is there again

[edit] Mistakes in the Script

    • When Teal'c and Jack were running to the Stargate, Teal'c called Nirrti "he" but we find out that Nirrti is a woman in "Fair Game". Typically Goa'uld referred to as the gender of the host body and tend to seek out hosts of the same gender when available.
    • Hanka seems awfully bright during the total solar eclipse.
    • Jack said the elevator goes down 30 floors in the abandoned nuclear facility, but when we see Carter exit the elevator, it stops on level 28 - wouldn't it make more sense to go down all the way? It would have been more safer

[edit] Inconsistency

    • Hanka was called PX8-987 on the sign, but in other episodes, it's called P8X-987.

      Hanka px8987.jpg

[edit] Quotes

Daniel: So, what exactly are we going to see after this eclipse begins? I mean it is black. And it is a hole
O'Neill: Well, it might be a black hole
Daniel: Okay, let me put that a different way
Carter: No Daniel, your right, you can't actually see it, not the singularity it's self it's so massive not even light can escape it. But during the totality phase of the eclipse, we should be able to see matter spiraling towards it
O'Neill: Actually it's called the Accretion Disc
Sam and Teal'c stop to look at Jack. Danny goes on, not hearing what Jack said
Daniel: Well I guess it's easy to understand why the local population would be afraid of something like th...(Realizing what Jack said) what did you just say?!?
O'Neill: It's just an astronomical term
Carter: You didn't think the Colonel has a telescope on his roof just to look at his neighbors, did you?
Jack looks at Carter as if saying, 'well...' Sam smiles and goes to through the gate. Danny looks confused and follows
O'Neill: Not initially
Carter: Colonel, there's someone in the bushes and they won't come out.
O'Neill: (to Teal'c) Show 'em your face. (Teal'c looks...normal) Try to look friendly.
Teal'c: I still do not understand this black hole
O'Neill: Well a black hole is...is really...a big thing. It's uh...basically it's a...massive...hole... ok?
Teal'c: I see.
O'Neill: Ah, and...what happens is, everything gets sucked in to it. Even light. That's why we can't see it. It...just...gets...sucked in...
Teal'c: Thank you
O'Neill: Sure
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